Female Orgasms and Aging
Are you experiencing a decline in the intensity of your orgasms? Is the sensation different now...

The decline may be associated with aging, it may be because as we age, we all have a decline in progesterone, for some
reason, it is tied with our pleasure sensors.

If you can get progesterone injections that would help greatly with restoring some or all of the sensations. Most women
and even doctors are not interested in hormones and sexuality, as I am, so they don't do adequate research. I however had
to. I have a thyroid dysfunction, thyroid is responsible for specific hormones production, digestion and metabolism.
Progesterone also keeps us from aging faster ;) and that is a fact.

I can not guarantee it, but physiologically, my calculations are correct.
Please also take multi~minerals and make sure that Vanadium is in the ingredients. Amino acids are also crucial to our
sexual and overall health.

The progesterone hormone injections are a start. If you can not get them, I will do more research as how you can force
your body to produce more by taking supplements.

My research is not in the herbal stage yet, that part is a work in progress. I was doing it for me alone.

My personal doctor of 25 years and a good friend was also helping me to research this matter. I will hurry it up dear,
now that I know more women need this knowledge :)