"Clone~A~Willy" and "Clone~A~Pussy"
` Product and Instructions `

If you love your guys Willy, as I do My Guys, I found a really cool product for you.
This will be really fun for the both of you to do, and when you are ever apart,
if you are often apart, if maybe you have problems with erections,
or just want to have fun together, you will have your exact, detailed
replicas for the time of the absence of your lover,
or what ever and when ever you wish to use it for  ;)

It's a product called "Clone a Willy"

Clone a Willy
Vibrating Dildo Kit

Make an EXACT rubber or chocolate replica of your own labia!

All of our Clone-A-Pussy™ kits are designed to allow any woman to make a completely
accurate rubber OR chocolate replica of the OUTER PORTION of ANY VAGINA from the
comfort and privacy of her own home. Everything contained in the kit is medically tested,
simple to use, and completely safe for the novice molder. All that's required to make your
very own, professional-grade pussy molded directly from your own vagina is a Clone-A-
Pussy Kit and water.

All the ingredients are neatly packed in a compact, lightweight box with everything necessary
to create a complete replica of an actual vagina.

Step 1
Mix the molding powder with water

Step 2
Pour the mixture into the Specialized Molding Scoop

Step 3
In a seated position at the end of a chair, press the Specialized Molding Scoop
against your vagina and hold for 2-4 minutes

Step 4
Pull away mold and fill with rubber OR melted chocolate, jello, water,
glycerine soap, juice for popsicles or candle wax!

Step 5
Light Tone
Slide out a rubber copy of your own Pussy!

Light Tone                                  Deep Tone                                   Chocolate

What's Included In the Kit?

Custom Molding Scoop
A Molding Scoop designed to accommodate virtually ANY vagina!

Specially Timed Molding Gel
Warm, Algae-Based Molding Gel is specially timed so you're guaranteed to get a perfect
mold of your pussy! (Contains 1 packet)

Amazing Liquid rubber /
Liquid Skin Mix
Allows even the most intricate detail to be reproduced EXACTLY as it appears on the
original. Requires NO complicated mixing or heating, and won't shrink when it cures,
leaving a true-to-life, true-to-size replica!
(Rubber kits only)

Delicious Melt & Mold Milk Chocolate
Fill your mold with melted chocolate for a very personal candy bar.
(Chocolate Kit only)

Easy To Follow Directions
Simple & Fun step-by-step process allows ANYONE to create their own professional
replica quickly and easily.

Pussy Pride Fun Home Projects:
Let’s Get Crafty!

Your kit includes enough material to make 1 mold (negative), but if properly stored, this
mold can be used over and over to make new replicas from many different materials. For
best results, keep your entire mold submerged in room temperature water between uses.
After your rubber replica is made, make more copies out of soap, wax, or most anything you
can imagine! Following are some fun ideas for your Clone-A-Pussy™ and for making more
Pussy Refrigerator Magnet
Glue a magnet on the back of your rubber replica and hang it on your fridge!

Pussy Key Chain
Punch a hole in one end and use it as a keychain!

Pussy Soap
Fill with a moldable glycerine soap (available at any hobby shop) for a sexy bathing

Pussy Candle
Fill your mold with wax for a sensual candle.

Pussy Popsicle
Fill with your favorite juice and freeze to make a popsicle.
Listen to a
Interview with
Dr. Grace
Listen to a
Interview with
Dr. Grace
Listen to a
Interview with
Dr. Grace
The Clone-A-Willy Vibrator kit makes a perfect, rubber copy of your man's penis (not the
balls). The plaster kit makes a beautiful sculpture to be shared with friends and family :)

Requires 1 AA Battery.

Clone a Willy
Vibrating Dildo Kit - Penis Mold        

With this fun kit, there's just enough molding material to make one, perfect vibrating dildo
(The Make Your Own Dildo Kit comes with enough material to make two casts, in case
you mess up the first one!).

Designed by a doctor, the Clone-a-Willy Kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and
includes everything you need to make an EXACT vibrating copy of any man's penis (up to
11" in length). Safe, easy and fun to use, the Clone-a-Willy kit is non toxic and 100%
biodegradable. These are the same top quality rubber materials being used throughout
Hollywood to create amazing props and special effects. It's hypo-allergenic, latex free and
safe to use with all lubricants. Choose from Regular and Glow in the Dark!
Each Clone-A-Willy Kit Contains:

# Easy to follow directions
# Specially timed molding powder
# Safe and non-allergenic "Liquid Rubber"

# Safe and non-allergenic "Liquid Skin"
# Stir Stick
# Vibrating Unit (control unit is built into the bottom of the vibrator)

# Molding Tube
Easy to Follow Directions:

* Mix molding Gel with water & pour into Molding Tube.
* Insert your penis into the Molding Tube & hold until it gels (60-90 seconds)
* Easily slide out your penis and pour the 'Liquid Rubber' into your Mold.
* Wait 24 hours and pull out your permanent replica

That's it! You're done, and you have a beautiful toy to play with even when he's NOT around. The finished vibrator is
self-contained, with an easy-to-use control unit at the bottom of the vibrator.